We at NewsboyUSATM see a big future for single-speed bicycle riding and events; a future based on the eager enthusiasm, strength and willingness to perform personified by the “Newsboy”.

We intend to deliver a spectrum of single -speed bicycle experiences and products all tied together and branded by our own NewsboyUSATM persona and themes. NewsboyUSATM and partner enterprises will range from events and competitions, both charitable and commercial, to lifestyle products, training programs and apparel – all with the same spirit and enthusiasm Newsboys delivered when they delivered the news.NewsBoy Logo3-16

Not long ago newsboys rode bicycles to deliver newspapers; some still do today. For many years they have been part of our American heritage. A Newsboy’s bike was often a very basic single-speed, coaster brake model that required real spirit to ride on a paper route. Many Newsboys knew the strength and endurance they built riding in one gear would increase their success in athletic endeavors of every kind.

They liked to stand up to ride.

NewsboyUSATM family of enterprises and communications will incorporate social media of every kind to spread the news about single speed bicycling, events and products – all that is Newsboy. Our new site is coming soon.

We hope that you will Join us – Let’s Ride Standing Up!

If you’re interested in learning more, please contact us.


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